Fiji Climate

Fiji’s Climate

The islands climate is tropical marine nature. The aspects that control  the mild climate in the islands is the location of Fiji that is in the middle of largest water body on earth, the Pacific Ocean, the winds and the ocean currents. Fiji belongs to the Oceania group of islands and is in the sub region of Melanesia. In the island rainy season come around November to March. The larger islands that contain the tropical rain forests receive the heaviest rain during those months. The south-eastern regions of the mountainous terrain also receive a lot of rainfall. Those parts of the island become very humid and sticky. The east and the southeast winds tend to control the climate in the island. Fiji is the prone to cyclones which is basically there only major hazard that involve it climate. The months of November to April are the season of cyclones. The high winds blowing during cyclones are however not dangerous.

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